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Laurel has always been the apple of the church’s eye. Despite the hate mail and death threats, she knows she’s saving the sinners of the world. However, when Laurel joins social media she’s suddenly faced with the outside world, and soon starts to question everything she knew to be true. 3w, 4m. 

Commissioned by Curious Theatre Company

Little House in the Big City

Margo has everything she’s ever wanted until she receives devastating news: Her unborn baby has a hole in her head. With a difficult decision to make, Margo deals with her grief by entering a pageant where women compete to be crowned Little House on the Prairie’s Laura Ingalls Wilder.  3w, 2m. 

Commissioned by Sideshow Theatre Company

No Home for Bees

Sixteen-year-old Suz is trying to get reacquainted with her father after he’s released from prison. But when she discovers why he was incarcerated, she must ask herself what constitutes an unforgivable act. 3w, 2m.

Pocketful of Sand

Coco travels the oceans and sells souls until he rescues Sunny, a young orphan determined to be his apprentice. As the more sinister aspects of Coco’s work emerge, Sunny must decide if the work they are doing outweighs the costs. 1w, 2m. 

Winner of the 2016 Activate Midwest Award and Finalist for the 2015 Kendeda/National Playwriting Award 

The Grand Illusion Show

In 1896 New York, Adelaide is a recent widow. Her husband was the famous magician, Alexander Herrmann, and now she – his long-time assistant – wants the rights to perform his illusions herself. The trouble is no woman has ever performed this kind of magic before. To prove she’s qualified to carry on her husband’s legacy, Adelaide will perform the most dangerous trick of all: the infamous Bullet Catch. Based on a true story. 2w, 3m.

Le Cirque Féerique
Directed and conceived by David Hanzal
Written by Emily Dendinger in collaboration with David Hanzal and the ensemble

Paris, 1690, the center of culture: Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy and her non-conformist friends fight for independence and equality during the oppressive reign of King Louis XIV. Through storytelling and champagne-infused salons, these women critiqued and challenged society’s expectations for women over 100 years before the first wave of feminism. Marie-Catherine and her crew were best-selling authors in their day, and invented fairy tales as we know them. Based on a true story. 4w, 1m.

Commissioned by collective unconscious

Hideous Progeny

It was a dark and stormy night when Lord Byron challenged Mary Godwin (not yet Shelley) to write a ghost story that will make her immortal. Witty, salacious and melodramatic—we are talking about the Romantics, after all—Hideous Progeny takes these larger than life figures and depicts them as the teenagers they were. 3w, 3m.

Fog Island

When the fog refuses to lift from their sleepy Irish village, siblings Cara and Finn take matters into their own hands by going to the sea, only to find themselves washed ashore on the mysterious and dangerous Fog Island. A spooky adventure story adapted from Tomi Ungerer’s award winning picture book, this TYA play asks what is means to grow up and face your fears. 3m, 3w. Please contact directly for music.