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Full Lengths

Hideous Progeny

It was a dark and stormy night when Lord Byron challenges Mary Godwin (not yet Shelley) to write a ghost story that will make her immortal.  Witty, salacious and often melodramatic—we are talking about the Romantics, after all—Hideous Progeny takes these larger than life figures  and depicts them as the teenagers they were; overeducated, egotistical and convinced they will change the world despite how little they know about it. 3w, 3m.

 Swimming After Dark

One-hit wonder author Claudia Stevens-Keller committed suicide when her daughter Bronte was only nine-years-old. Now Bronte’s ex-boyfriend and literary scholar James has shown up with a startling discovery about her mother’s literary career. Alternating between the past and the present, Bronte and James attempt to piece together what might have happened in the past while Claudia plays out what actually happened on that final evening. The result is a haunting, bittersweet story of love, literature and ownership. 2w, 2m.

Champagne Gods– 

Set among the marble halls of the British Museum during a New Years Eve fancy dress gala, Holly has made the greatest archeological discovery of the 21st century—an oracle of the god Apollo that shows you the person you’re meant to spend your life with, however, when Holly decides that there’s more to life than archeology, her colleague Will takes it upon himself to change her mind. A throwback to the screwball comedies of the 1920s and 30s, Champagne Gods is a romantic holiday romp about fate, farce and fidelity. 3w, 3m.

For the Falls

The year is 1962, and a group of friends, relatives, and strangers gather to celebrate the life of a brilliant but troubled composer who has been killed under mysterious circumstances in a car accident. Between dusk and dawn, unspoken truths will be revealed within a house built and nestled above a waterfall. 3w, 4m.

Pocketful of Sand– 

(Finalist for the 2015 Kendeda Playwriting Award) 

Coco travels the oceans and sells souls from bodies he pulls from the sea until one day he rescues Sunny, a young orphan girl who is determined to be his apprentice. As the more sinister aspects of Coco’s work begin to emerge, however, Sunny must decide for herself whether  the work they are doing outweighs the costs. A fairytale about death, Pocketful of Sand is a play about love, family and belonging. 1w, 2m.


Amy and Michael are ex’s who shared an experience together years ago at summer camp that shaped the course of their lives. Brought together by a looming tornado, they are forced to confront the more sinister aspects of their past by asking if what they experienced as children was divine, coincidence or something more more sinister. Part love story, part X-Files, Still Quiet examines what we are willing to believe in order to give our life meaning. 1w, 1m.

 YA Adaptations


Jane loves Mr. Bingley. Lizzy hates Mr. Darcy. Mr. Collins wants to marry Lizzy, but Lizzy wants to marry Mr. Wickham, but then maybe she also has some feelings for Mr. Darcy? You know the story. Wit, banter, love, ballgowns, tea and parties (regency style). Flexible cast of 25.


co-written with David Hanzal

Alice’s father has just died, and now nothing in her life makes sense anymore. But things are about to take a turn for the wild when Alice’s cat Dinah is kidnapped, and she must go through the Lookingglass and travel across Wonderland to rescue her. Flexible cast of 25.

Ten Minute Plays

everybody hurts (sometimes)-

A young female teenage record store employee helps a customer find the perfect record to ease his heartbreak. 1m, 1w.  

Safe City Haven- 

Two sorority girls question just how far they are willing to go to belong. 2w.

The Kiss- 

Hannah tests out potential mates by judging their reaction to a particular piece of art. 3m, 3w.

 The Oregon Trail-

After a tragic accident, Carrie can’t understand why Jane is obsessed with beating the classic 90s computer game, The Oregon Trail. However, it soon becomes obvious things aren’t what they seem. 2w.


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  1. Jenny Weaver Barbieri

    I was Bronte at Women’s Playwrite Collective in Florida in 2008. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a project with me. I know you gave me your email a million years ago. Anyway can I get it so I can write you in more detail what it’s about. Where are you located now? I’m in Chicago.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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